a true virtual audition simulation

Experience the audition process from start to finish, while gathering valuable feedback along the way. Make new friends, increase your confidence behind your instrument, and most importantly - realize that YOU are good enough, and nothing can stop you.


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registration opening late october!

F7X Audition Packet - Flam 7 Percussion

F7X Audition Packet


Introducing the FLAM 7 Experience.

A virtual mock audition simulation designed to prepare you for the real thing, while allowing you the opportunity to learn & grow among your peers. 

Make new friends, learn new skills, and discover the best version of yourself every time you pick up those sticks, mallets or cymbals. 

Registration opening October 30! Download the packet today for more information, and to start your journey! 

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FLAM 7 Ohio Hoodie - Flam 7 Percussion
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community over everything.

It's far more than a slogan to us. It's how we approach every step we take. And it's why we work tirelessly to bring you the resources & inspiration you need to succeed, no matter who you know or where you're from.

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