Kevlar Cup Update #2!

Alright everyone! Kevlar Cup INFO DUMP!
PLACEMENT PROCESS! (Please make sure you're registered via the link at FLAM7.COM!)
- We will e-mail you the placement piece.
- You will have one week to practice it and prepare. It's a relatively simple sight read, with some timing variations that will help us determine your technical ability and playing level.
- You will post a video of you playing the placement piece to your Instagram, with the hashtag #kevlarcupplacement & tag us.
- We will review the video, and reach out to you via DM to recommend a class for you. Keep in mind, you are welcome to enter whatever class you feel you would be competitive in. Our recommendation is only to help guide you. However, we may raise your class if we feel you're overly proficient in the class you selected; we want to make sure the competition is as fair as possible.
Once you're placed, you will schedule a 15-minute block of time on dates to be determined. During this time, you will be invited to go live with Flam 7 Percussion, and we will chat a bit, and then let you perform your piece. - Pieces can range from 30 second minimum to 3 minute maximum. - World Class & Open Class will be scored on a scale of 30 points, and Independent class on a scale of 20 points. Musicality (dynamics, sound quality, etc.) - 10 points
Originality (visuals, creativity, etc.) - 10 points
Technicality (World & Open only; difficulty of performed piece) - 10 points
We will release final information soon regarding the dates this will take place, the awards for each class, etc. Now is a good time to get registered, and share with your friends! This is going to be a ton of fun, and we're really excited to kick it off!