Happy new year! We did it!

It's #DayOne of 2021, and I've already made progress. We've made progress. Have you? Progress doesn't have to be some delusion of grandeur in the form of a resolution that you doubt you'll be able to follow through on; progress is simply getting a little better every day. Whether that "better" means chops, physical fitness, mental health, diet, all of the above, none of the above - it's whatever you want it to be.

This year, we should reflect on all of our victories over the past year. Life gave us lemons, and we made lemonade. Now take that lemonade, and build a lemonade stand - meaning don't pour out your byproduct and say "hey, cool, I made lemonade. Now what?". Use that lemonade to push yourself further and harder than you ever have before. It's a silly analogy, I know, but do you see what I'm getting at here?

This year will be what you make of it. Here at Flam 7, our goal is learn from last year, and build on it this year. Our initiatives, our focus, it's our lemonade stand. And you can keep your nickel; everyone drinks for free around here. Need some new gear? Sweet, we'd love to sell it to you. This website isn't free, after all. But more importantly than anything else, we want you to understand that we're here for you. We want to see you succeed. It's what we're all about. No getting around that.

Reflect to yourself this weekend. Figure out what your lemonade stand is. And get to it. And if you stumble along the way, you're always welcome here. Let us know how we can help.