Remo RC Series Renaissance Hazy Steel Insert Timpani Heads



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The RC-Series Renaissance® Hazy Steel Insert Timpani drumheads are the ultimate in warm, dark, focused tone, with dynamic sensitivity, enhanced articulation and full-range projection for the most discriminating Timpanists. Featuring a unique, specially treated Hazy 7.5-mil film combined with a Steel Insert ring for added tuning stability as well as enhanced sustain and projection, Renaissance® Steel Insert Timpani drumheads provide the look and feel of calfskin with unparalleled strength and consistency. Designed by the world's top Timpanists and tested in the world's top Concert halls, Renaissance® Hazy Steel Insert Timpani drumheads are the industry standard for professional Timpanists and Timpani manufacturers worldwide. With the perfect combination of performance and durability, these are the best-selling synthetic Timpani drumheads in the world. Available in extended collar sizes 22", 25", 28", 31" and 34". Other sizes 20" - 35" available by special order.

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