OffWorld Invader V3 Hybrid Practice Pad

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What happens when you blend elements of one of the world’s most popular practice pads with elements of one of the most flexible and forward-thinking concepts around?  The Invader™ Hybrid! 

From the top, this pad is, for all intents and purposes, an Invader™ V3.  Featuring a practically unbreakable stick-saving rim; proprietary DarkMatter™ or natural rubber surface; and a removable and replaceable Vinyl/Mylar laminates. Everything you have come to expect from nearly 12 years of excellence! But wait, there’s more… Flip the pad over to discover the Aurora™ Series Magnetosphere™ core.  The unique magnetic pocket turns the beloved Invader™ into a behemoth of rehearsal flexibility.
When played without inserts, the Magnetosphere™ core gives the Hybrid a vibrant and clearly resonant center; articulate and musical, you’ll know without looking when you are playing dead-on.  Thirsty for a bit of snare sound?  Insert the Aurora™ Series Snare puck for a bright sizzle.  For a bit more crunch and darkness to the tone, try the Aurora™ Series Shaker instead. Want to use a cymbal stand or even an inexpensive camera tripod as a pad base? Try one of the Cymbal mount inserts (check your stand to determine the necessary thread).  
The 1/4-20 mount also spins right down onto the Hammer™ carrier brackets to get your pad up and moving for use with your marching harness.  For those that prefer the leg/thigh mount pads, try the KSM adapter. Need a little less volume or center tone?  Try the Aurora™ Series Dampener puck.