OffWorld Percussion Aurora Series DarkSide Practice Pad

Playing Surface
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The Darkside™ is a recent installment to OffWorld Percussion’s unique Aurora™ Series of modular practice pads. Like the Visitor™ before it, the Darkside™ features all Birch construction and the Aurora™ exclusive magnetosphere core, giving you the flexibility of adaptation. At about 3 pounds, the Darkside™ is 11 1/8″ in diameter, with a 9.25″ Darkmatter™ playing surface. It is 1 1/2″ tall with thicker layers over the center core to give you a more reactive playing surface.

Over all, the Darkside™ provides enough bulk to create a stable and responsive playing experience, yet still be sized for easy fit in any backpack or gear bag. All Aurora Series accessories can be adapted to the Darkside, which is also available in Black, Gunmetal and Blue Chameleon VML surfacing.