Our mission at Flam 7 is to connect you with brands & initiatives that embody the morals & characteristics we feel are most beneficial to both your personal and professional growth. We are proud to call the following organizations our friends, and highly recommend them to anyone looking to take that next step toward greatness!



Gridbook Logo


Founded by Mark Perrett and John Lluvera over a decade ago, Gridbook is a longtime staple in the marching arts community that provides literature, apparel, and engaging social media aimed at helping percussionists at all levels stay motivated & reach their goals. 

Their new initiative, the Gridbook Academy, centralizes all of their resources and provides weekly live-streams, feedback sessions, chop-outs, and more for one low monthly rate!

CE Logo

Tommy and crew at Corps Essentials have put together a world-class group of experienced marching arts veterans to help you get better. They run clinics and other special events year-round, and are definitely one of the premier resources for instruction and education.


Started by Carlos Botello, The Left Hand Path offers etudes, exercises, and instruction to marching percussionists of all levels. Carlos maintains contact through social media and has proven to be extremely accessible and helpful to all who call on him!



Since our beginning days, Paul and the team at OffWorld have been more helpful and informative than we ever could have wished for. Their products are handmade with care and quality at their humble "little" shop in Washington, and they back their products with one of the best warranties you'll ever find. 

A husband & wife team dedicated to handmaking the best keyboard and front ensemble sticks & mallets right here in the USA. Their customer service is out of this world, and we can't recommend them enough!

An up-and-coming padmaker out of our beloved Ohio, Power Percussion utilizes sustainable materials and a customer-first approach to craft some really great practice pads. Furthermore, the owners are some of the most helpful and committed people we've met, and they're an absolute pleasure to deal with. 


We will update this list as we continue to develop lasting friendships & partnerships, with the intent of ensuring your hard-earned time & money go towards companies that really do care about you. Because after all, we do value community over everything.