Welcome to the 2nd Annual Flam 7 Percussion Kevlar Cup!

The Kevlar Cup is a virtual individual & ensemble event aimed at providing percussionists of all skill levels and styles an opportunity to compose an original piece and go head-to-head with the community to win some awesome prizes, and chase the coveted title of Kevlar Cup Champion!

This year, the competition will take place on Instagram, and is slated to occur in June. Schedule and more details coming soon!

Please take a moment to read the rules and familiarize yourself with the event! 


Rules are subject to modification based on overall participation levels. A final release will be provided prior to event commencement.

The Kevlar Cup is open to all US Citizens 13 years of age or older with an active Instagram account. Participants must follow @flam7percussion and the judging committee, and accept follow back requests so posts are visible.

Performances will be divided by solo/ensemble, composition length, instrument, and experience. 

SOLO: 1 Participant
ENSEMBLE: 2+ Participants (no maximum)

GROOVE: 30 seconds to 1 minute.
ETUDE: 1 minute minimum, 5 minute maximum.

SNARE: must incorporate at least 1 snare drum or 1 practice pad.
TENORS: must incorporate at least 1 snare drum or 1 practice pad.
CYMBALS: must incorporate at least 1 pair of hand-held cymbals.

BATTERY: must include a minimum of 1 snare, 1 tenor, and 1 bass drum.
FRONT ENSEMBLE (no battery)
FULL ENSEMBLE: must meet battery requirements and have a minimum of 1 keyboard instrument. 

OPEN CLASS: For beginners, and those with only some high school experience.
INDEPENDENT CLASS: For intermediate players with high school experience, but no drum corps or world-class scholastic/independent experience.
WORLD CLASS: For advanced players with drum corps experience or comparable technical ability.

Participants will complete a simple online registration form, selecting their appropriate divisions and self-selecting a desired class for themselves. These entries will be reviewed by the judging committee to ensure a fair spread. We kindly request that participants do not self-select a class below their appropriate skill level; we want this event to be fun & fair for everyone!

Once registration is complete and classes are set, participants will be given a time frame to prepare and record their composition. Their performance will then be posted to their Instagram account. At the due date, the judging committee will commence adjudication and provide results on a set date/time. 

Stay tuned for registration opening!