Your Journey Begins Here.

And whatever that journey entails, we're here to help. There are new resources sprouting up everywhere you look, and to us, that's a GREAT thing! We're proud to do our part to help aspiring musicians of all ages, backgrounds & skill levels achieve their dreams. 

This mission begins with our new free lesson initiative. We are offering free virtual 30 minute lessons to anyone, for any reason, no strings attached. Need some help with your technique? We can provide pointers. Having trouble reading some show music for this upcoming marching band season? We'll walk you through it. Just need some motivation to press on, or advice on equipment? Sure, let's chat!

There is no limit to how many lessons you can schedule, and they can be booked online with just a few clicks HERE!

Next, we are working hard this year to offer more free clinics on anything and everything possible. We are very fortunate to have developed a strong network of generous, world-class performers & educators willing to donate their time to help you succeed.

And this is just the beginning. Whatever you need, let us know! We exist to serve the community we love, and that love runs deep - so let's talk.