From the far reaches of the OffWorld universe – where the intersection of passion, technology, and style meet – comes the BYOSphere™. The BYOSphere™ offers the popular features of the Outlander™ Large; the advanced modular design of the Aurora™ Series; and is partnered with the visual flair of the incomparable BYOS™ team.


Features include:

  • 11 1/2″ overall diameter to easily fit in any backpack
  • 9 1/4″ DarkMatter™ playing surface
  • A “cool gray” version of our patented Rims™ component over a beautiful white Birch base
  • Comes standard with our adjustable Aurora™ Snare Puck, and the 8mm Docking Module
  • Will work with all the interchangeable Aurora™ Series inserts.

OffWorld Percussion Aurora Series BYOSphere Practice Pad

Playing Surface
Docking Module
  • In order to produce the unique look and feel of DarkMatter™, this special material is mixed under heat and pressure and poured directly onto each practice pad then allowed to “open-air” cure.  Any product which begins life as a hot liquid that solidifies once cooled will naturally show variation between each version.  Swirls, tiny bubbles, even the occasional dust speck, are all normal variations.  Be assured that an enormous amount of care goes into mitigating these effects as much as possible, and know that these differences in no way effect the playability or quality of the DarkMatter™ surface.

  • All OffWorld Percussion products sold by Flam 7 Percussion carry a limited manufacturer's warranty. We will do everything possible to assist you with your concerns, and will put you in touch with OffWorld Percussion directly if we are not able to assist.

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