Black Swamp Percussion CF2 Carbon Fiber Timpani Mallets

This product is currently available by special order only. Please allow extra time to process and fulfill. If you'd like an accurate estimate of timeframe, we are available via instant messaging 7 days a week!

A larger wood core and thicker layer of exterior felt for less initial attack than the CF1(hard), but more articulation than the CF3 (general).  Functions well as an all-purpose rhythmic mallet.

Black Swamp Carbon Fiber Timpani Mallets offer all the performance aspects of bamboo plus the added benefits of pitch matched shafts and zero chance of splitting. These mallets feature high quality German felt, meticulously hand-sewn and fitted to each core. The entire set of Black Swamp timpani mallets will give you a broad sound that is perfect for all genres of timpani repertoire.

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