Malletech Deluxe Scholastic Pack


Malletech is elevating the student experience with two Scholastic Packs that provide students with the exact same tools used by the pros. Each Pack includes a high quality bag and an assortment of world-class implements. These are not disposable ‘entry-level products’, but the start of a collection of professional mallets.

  • 1 pair CSM1 General Snare Drum sticks
  • 1 pair OR39R Orchestral Series Rattan Xylophone mallets
  • 1 pair OR45R Orchestral Series Rattan Xylo/Glock mallets
  • 2 pairs CN14 Concerto Series Medium Marimba mallets
  • 2 pairs JC16 Jazz Classics Series Hard Vibraphone mallets
  • 1 pair MBT Medium Bamboo Timpani mallets
  • 1x SB2 High Durability 4 Pocket Mallet Bag


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