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Introducing the new way to create & collaborate with members of the community seamlessly on the Rocketbook platform!

Flam 7 Rocketbooks are customized with a green logo on front, and special staff paper pages inside, perfect for capturing the ideas in your head quickly and neatly! All Flam 7 Rocketbooks will also include free lifetime access to the Flam 7 LaunchPad on Google Drive: an environment created for Rocketbook users to share their creations, and download creations from other Rocketbook users as well!

This bundle includes 1 Flam 7 Rocketbook Executive (6" x 8.8", 32 pages), a Pilot FriXion erasable pen, and microfiber towel.

The pre-order will run until we reach the minimum quantity to order, and is fully refundable. Expect 10-14 days to produce Rocketbooks once order is placed, and another 5-10 days to receive yours. Shipping charges and addresses will be collected once order is placed; please make sure to include accurate contact info so we can reach you to arrange.

Pre-order price: $47.99
Regular price: $54.99

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