IP Fundamental Series Mallets

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Manufactured by the leader in high quality keyboard mallets, the Fundamental Series was specifically designed with the beginning percussionist and budget conscious band director in mind.  This economical series offers the beginning percussionist and band director a quality product at an affordable price.  The Fundamental Series is available in 17 different models, including a concert bass drum model.  All models feature black birch dowels, and the three vibraphone models are also available with high quality rattan handles.




  • Black painted Birch handles
  • Rubber cores to create full, rich tone
  • Extra durable synthetic yarn


  • Black painted Birch handles
  • Durable Rattan handles
  • Rubber cores to create full, rich tone
  • Tightly woven multi-ply cord for increased durability 


  • Black painted Birch handles
  • Variety of rubber or plastic cores for marimba, xylophone, and glockenspiel
  • Brass bell head for glockenspiel


  • Tapered Hickory handle
  • Soft fleece cover over an elongated head