IP Jauvon Gilliam Series Timpani Mallets

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Innovative Percussion is extremely proud to introduce the new Jauvon Gilliam Series Timpani Mallets. The series features a totally new look on a classic implement.  All six models are constructed with a stained black bamboo shaft and are wrapped with a black German "Midnight" felt.  The series is built to be agile like a European mallet but have the presence of an American mallet. Each stick has a clean attack to help produce a clear, immediate pitch and a warm tone allowing you to easily support an ensemble's sound and blend. 

What is "Popcush"
"People that know me know that I often make up words to better express myself, hence popcush. It describes my ideal timpani sound: one that has a clear fundamental (pitch center), immediately followed by a warm and supportive tone. I've always gravitated towards wood cores, as they get the sound out of the drum quickly and create a "pop" that gives an immediate presence, so 5 of the 6 mallets have wood cores. For select models, we've also added an additional layer of inner liner felt, which helps create that beautiful "cush(ion)" sound that I really love.



            JMG-1: Large roller mallet featuring a wood core with black German felt cover
            JMG-2: Bold, wooden core with black German felt cover
            JMG-3: Medium general mallet, wooden core with black German felt cover
            JMG-4: Medium hard mallet. Hard felt core with black German felt cover
            JMG-5: Hard mallet, wooden core with black German felt cover
            JMG-6: Articulate mallet, Wooden core with premium felt cover