Malletech LoveVibe2 3.0 Octave Vibraphone

This instrument ships directly from the manufacturer. Timeframe can vary depending on manufacturer stock level & material availability. If you'd like an accurate estimate of timeframe, we are available via instant messaging 7 days a week!

Real-time Vibrato Control

If you loved the LoveVibe, you’re going to love the LoveVibe2 twice as much. All the musically expressive vibrato, dynamic and dampening features of the LoveVibe, but:

  • 50 lbs. lighter
  • Now with a real-world price for real-world musicians
  • Original LoveVibe strings have been eliminated and a single coated steel cable operates the manual vibrato/volume control
  • 100% simpler, more robust mechanism
  • Based on the patented Omega vibrato wing system
  • Same gig-friendly, light-weight aluminum frame as the Omega
  • Height-adjustable folding legs

Fully open or closed resonators — or anything in between, all in real time, controlled by you through the pedal. Make love to a note or chord. Patented real-time vibrato and volume control, patented pedal and patented progressive dampening system.

Standard - Black bars, standard resonators, real-time manual vibrato, 6-way pedal
Custom - Custom bars (green, blue, purple, red, orange, gold)
Pro - Black bars, tunable resonators, 9-way adjustable pedal
Custom Pro - Custom bars (green, blue, purple, red, orange, gold), tunable resonators, 9-way adjustable pedal

Available Options (extra cost applies, contact us before ordering)

  • Custom angle damper pedal (0, 10 or 20 degrees)
  • Fully tunable resonators (37 patented resonator plugs)
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