Malletech OmegaVibe 3.0 Octave Vibraphone

This instrument ships directly from the manufacturer. Timeframe can vary depending on manufacturer stock level & material availability. If you'd like an accurate estimate of timeframe, we are available via instant messaging 7 days a week!

Every feature of the OmegaVibe was developed with the input of pros who spend their lives not only playing, but carrying, setting up and breaking down vibes. 

  • Patented motorized vibrato with adjustable speed
    (Available wings can produce barely perceptible vibrato to "over the top" wah-wah effect)
  • Robust, light-weight frame with folding legs for travel 
  • Height adjustable keyboard (not wheels) 
  • Available with custom bar colors

Standard - Black bars, standard resonators, 6-way adjustable pedal
Custom - Your choice of bar color (green, blue, purple, red, orange, gold) & 6-way adjustable pedal
Pro - Black bars, tunable resonators, 9-way adjustable pedal
Custom ProYour choice of bar color (green, blue, purple, red, orange, gold), tunable resonators & 9-way adjustable pedal

Available Options (contact us for more details prior to ordering)

  • Custom angle damper pedal (0, 10 or 20 degrees)
  • Fully tunable resonators (37 patented resonator plugs)
  • Remove motor (lower cost)
  • Remove wings (lower cost)
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