Marimba One Double Helix DHB2 Birch Hard Marimba Mallets

This product is currently available by special order only. Please allow extra time to process and fulfill. If you'd like an accurate estimate of timeframe, we are available via instant messaging 7 days a week!

The Double Helix Series was developed to bring out the warmth of the fundamental throughout the range of the 5-octave marimba. The relaxed yarn tension on these mallets enhances the smooth, dark attack of the mallet.

The exclusive patented “double helix wrap” technique allows you to easily identify each mallet in the series. Two strands of yarn are wrapped independently of each other, creating a woven effect. After one of the strands makes a revolution around the mallet head, the other strand makes a revolution, securing the previous strand. This locks the yarn in place and prevents it from unraveling. This unique method of wrapping provides our mallets with their distinct look, and exceptional sound.

Also available with Rattan handles. Contact us for more information!

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