Marimba One Wave Series Xylophones

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Inspired by the famous and in-demand Deagan model 870 and 872 xylophones, forward thinking design takes the M1 xylophone to a new level.  Expanding upon JC Deagan’s curved #1 and #4 rails and resonators, M1 has created a xylophone with unparalleled clarity and projection.  The rosewood used to make the xylophone bars comes from Belize and was personally selected in 2012 by Ron Samuels. This is the hardest rosewood that M1 has ever used—so hard in fact that it is nearly impossible to pit with normal playing techniques and mallets. The bars have a brilliance to them that no other manufacturer is making today with an evenness and balance that will make the M1 xylophone the preferred choice.  All M1 Wave xylophones are voiced using the same processes and techniques that they use on all of their marimbas.

All Wave xylophones include 8 inch casters and an accessory bar. These models are also available with 4 inch casters and no accessory bar; contact us for details.

Marimba One instruments are handmade in Northern California, and are made-to-order. Lead times may vary. Please reach out to us prior to ordering for more information on delivery expectations.