OffWorld Invader V3 ScoJo/System Blue


The System Blue®/SCOJO™ Scott Johnson Signature INVADER™ V3  

OffWorld has joined forces with the renown Blue Devils System Blue® and legendary marching percussion guru Scott Johnson to create this unique and cutting edge device. 

• Augmented with a slick Silver/Black authentic Carbon Fiber Oval (CFO) at 12 o'clock position, designed for enhanced volume and articulation.  

• Featuring OffWorld's Patented 360˚, stick-saving RIM™ element, finished in the Blue Devils' signature Cobalt Blue. 

• Featuring the trademark DarkMatter™ playing surface, presenting a revolutionary drum-like feel and articulation you have to experience to believe.

• Featuring a modified V3 Matrix encircled by a sleek silver 'racing stripe', and a distinctive wedge logo badge.

• Non-slip neoprene base.

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