ProMark Andrew Markworth AM1R Soft Bass Marimba Mallets

The Andrew Markworth AM1R marching keyboard mallets feature large, soft 1 1/2" round cores for robust, full tone from the lower register of the marimba. The cores are wrapped in a durable, blended yarn and assembled on rattan shafts for a flexible feel that is ideal on this register of the instrument.

All mallets in the Andrew Markworth signature series were built using Promark's proprietary new mallet technology. Rather than purchasing off the shelf parts and utilizing outdated manufacturing practices, all cores are injection molded in house and threaded onto shafts using our patented insert design for unprecedented consistency and durability. In final assembly, all Promark mallets are wrapped using a state of the art winding machine developed from the proprietary winding technology of the world's premier guitar string manufacturer. This mallet series features a variety of core shapes, hardnesses, and materials to accommodate the needs of the competitive marching percussionist. 
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