ProMark Scott Johnson Light DC17i Marching Snare Sticks


The DC17i Light is a lighter alternative to the DC17 model, offering a scaled down version that still provides robust projection. This drumstick is great if you're a younger player or a player with smaller hands who is seeking a fast, responsive drumstick. 

Material Hickory
Finish Lacquer
Bead Round
Taper Short
Length 16 7/8"
Diameter .650"
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Sound quality matters in modern marching percussion, and your sticks are just as important as heads, tuning, dynamics & design. We're proud to offer Pitch & Weight Preferences on this stick model. By selecting your preferred feel, we're able to hand-select pairs from our inventory that best suit what you're looking for. And if you're not happy with what you receive, we'll replace them. No questions asked.
Pitch Preference
Weight Preference
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