Remo Symmetry Nuskyn Conga Heads



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The Symmetry Nuskyn® Conga drumhead is Remo's most versatile Conga drumhead in terms of fit. Nuskyn® provides natural, warm, and full-bodied sound with enhanced low and mid-range frequencies, without any lingering high pitched overtones. Symmetry provides superior construction, low maintenance and features a Crimplock® hoop increasing stability and tuning range. Symmetry drumheads fit more Conga drum models from the various manufacturers in the industry. Available in sizes: 9.75", 10.75", 11", 11.75", 12.50", 13".

EACH SIZE HAS MULTIPLE VARIATIONS based on application. Please specify your Conga's make & model in order notes to ensure you receive the correct head. You can also reach out with any questions prior to ordering, or we'll do so once the order is placed. 

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