Salyers Percussion Performance Collection PCX11 Poly Xylo/Bell Mallets


The Salyers Percussion PCX11 features a 1 1/8” poly ball that makes it perfect for soft glockenspiel parts or for general xylophone playing. This mallet is a standard in every percussionists stick bag. The rattan shafts are matched in diameter and flex.

The Performance Collection unwound mallets are designed to offer a comprehensive selection of sonic possibilities to the advanced percussionist. Head sizes available are 1”, 1 1/8” and 1 1/4”. The rattan size sets this series apart from any other series available. The trend of using very thick rattan on unwound mallets results in a stiff shaft that does not allow the natural flex of rattan to help get the best sound from the keys. Salyers uses a rattan size that feels good yet flexes just enough to help you get the best sound possible from your instruments.

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