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At the very basic level, The Cymbal Gloves are a tool. They provide both protection as well as utility. A person playing hand cymbals experiences certain levels of physical pain as well as surface level injuries that are common for performers. These high performance cymbal gloves help to minimize those effects, in that they provide another layer of “skin” for the player. This helps prevent abrasions and swelling which are natural occurrences when playing the instrument. Another obstacle for performers is the inherent friction and, in some cases, “sticking” of the cymbal strap on the wrist and forearm when trying to execute more advanced visual sequences involving releases and reloads. The Cymbal Gloves help to reduce friction at those very locations, without compromising the look of the player within the ensemble. In short, The Cymbal Gloves help cymbal players maximize their performance, while simultaneously maximizing their ability and preventing injuries.

Sizing Information

Here are a few helpful tips in choosing what size is best for the performer.  Your size for a pair of The Cymbal Gloves typically correlates with what size cotton band glove you would wear.  The material is elastic so there is some play in size.  Generally most cymbal players order mediums unless they are particularly petite or a larger person.


For cleaning and upkeep, The Cymbal Gloves are safe to machine wash in cold water. Do NOT put in the dryer, hang up for best results.

For custom options, CLICK HERE to order directly from Seavine.

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