Tycoon Agile Congas

Tycoon’s Agile Congas are designed to introduce an entirely new dimension of portability never before found in their conga lineup.  Utilizing the same staved Siam Oak shell construction as Master Series congas, the Agile Congas measure in at only 4¾” tall and are fitted with Remo M7 Tucked Fiberskyn heads for maximum durability and tuning retention.  These drums feature Tycoon’s Classic Pro™ hoops in a classic brushed chrome polish with top-tuning system via an allen Key, which is included with each drum.  Additional accessories for the Agile Congas include brushed chrome stand mounts individualized for each size, and a heavy-duty fully height-adjustable tripod stand that accepts all three Agile Conga sizes.

This product is currently available by special order only. Please contact us to order or inquire on timeframe for shipping.

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