Tycoon Master Palette Series Bongos

  • 7” & 8.5” shells constructed of hand-selected aged Siam Oak 
  • Master Heritage Series bongo shells constructed using a specially-formulated 3-layer shell with the two innermost layers made from Siam Oak for utmost strength and durability, and the outermost layer utilizing Russian Pine for its aesthetic qualities
  • Brushed Chrome Deluxe hoops and large 5/16” diameter tuning lugs
  • A unique finishing procedure is applied to the Master Heritage Series, including strategically “searing” the Russian Pine wood to deliberately create a faux rustic, raw texture with surface cracks and birds eye figures in this wood prominently accentuated by this unique searing process
  • The Master Palette Series showcase Tycoon’s industry-leading finishing capabilities, marrying the intricacies of hand-applied painted color by skilled artisans with our state-of-the-art high gloss polishing, resulting in truly original pieces that are never duplicated
  • Each Master bongo is hand-carved by a highly-skilled craftsman, resulting in its unique and beautiful appearance. No two drums will look exactly the same!
  • Equipped with genuine premium, hand-picked water buffalo skin heads which produce rich, warm tones ideal for any playing situation
  • Tuning wrench included
  • Available add-ons: Stands (seated or standing) and carrying bags (deluxe or professional)
  • Available option: Remo M9 Type Tucked Fiberskyn heads

This product is currently available by special order only. Please contact us to order or inquire on timeframe for shipping.

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