Vater 40MH Front Ensemble Medium Hard Marimba Mallets

Designed for use by both the Indoor & Outdoor Front Ensembles. All models use Synthetic / Wool blended yarn for full cutting sounds, maximum durability and weather resistance. All FES Marimba, Xylophone & Bell and Rubber Mallets feature 11/32” Satin Birch Shafts that provide more weight allowing for greater durability, articulation, projection, comfort and ease of use for the multiple applications and demands of both the indoor and outdoor marching percussion ensemble (marimba, suspended cymbal and crashing cymbals all with the same implement).

• Balanced implements that generate focused, rich and full-bodied tones.
• Hand matched for size, weight and sound.
• All wrapped mallets have a uniform look.
• A complete selection of mallets that show their versatility at all dynamic levels in all Front Ensemble Settings.
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