Vic Firth American Classic 5B PureGrit Sticks

Vic Firth’s American Classic® PureGrit sticks are designed to offer two new tactile experiences for the 5A and 5B player. Together with the classic clear lacquer, VicGrip and DoubleGlaze, the PureGrit option offers players even more possibilities to find their own perfect feel. The American Classic® PureGrit sticks are not only lacquer-free, but also undergo a unique abrasive processing step, which adds a touch of “grittiness” and raw wood texture to the shaft. Because the stick is not treated, over time the player’s perspiration and oil penetrates the surface of the stick, creating a natural feel and a oneness with the wood.
    • Diam. - .595"
    • Length - 16"
    • Taper - Medium
    • Tip - Tear Drop
    • Finish - PureGrit
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