Vic Firth Modern Jazz Collection MJC1 Sticks

This product is currently available by special order only. Please allow extra time to process and fulfill. If you'd like an accurate estimate of timeframe, we are available via instant messaging 7 days a week!
The first in the Modern Jazz Collection, the MJC1 offers a slightly elongated 55A shaft with a medium taper and oval tip. The thicker diameter helps deliver a little more weight and emphasis to the ride cymbal.
    • Versatile jazz stick with a medium taper and a bit of extra length for better balance and reach
    • Oval tip and provides added accentuation on cymbals


    • Diameter : .580" | 1.47cm
    • Length : 16.13" | 40.96cm
    • Taper  : Long


    • Series : Modern Jazz Collection
    • Surface Coating : Lacquer


    • Material : Hickory
    • Tip Shape : Oval
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