Vic Firth Ralph Hardimon Nylon Tenor Sticks



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A true extension of Ralph’s original tenor stick. Extra length provides comfort and rebound on modern multi-tenor drum set-ups. An exceptionally large barrel shaped red nylon tip creates a huge sound with tremendous clarity. Ralph’s new tenor stick is as big and bold as his existing model, but features a few design modifications for today’s marching repertoire. The exceptionally large barrel tip has been upgraded to red, injection- molded nylon for a brighter sound on high-tuned Mylar® heads. The overall length of the stick has also been stretched out from 15-15⁄16” to 16-3⁄4”. This added reach allows for greater comfort and speed when playing on modern multi-tenor set-ups, which tend to be further away from the player’s body. It is no coincidence that the path of Ralph Hardimon’s career is intertwined with some of the most successful marching programs in a generation. His work with Santa Clara Vanguard, the Blue Knights and many others has inspired countless musicians worldwide and earned him a place in the Drum Corps International Hall of Fame. Today, Ralph builds upon a lifetime of meaningful and enduring contributions to the marching activity as he continues to teach, compose and inspire. “It’s amazing to see this activity continue to evolve. What today’s players are capable of is absolutely astounding,” states Ralph. “One of the things we wanted to accomplish with my new tenor stick was to make it easier to get around the drums. We wanted to keep that big, bold sound, but make it work for the way today’s tenor drummers play.” “I’m really pleased with how this stick turned out,” states Ralph. “It’s so rewarding to see those red tips from the stands and know that we’ve created something that’s really working for the players on the field.”
  • Our original Ralph Hardimon tenor stick but with added length for greater reach and leverage and a nylon tip for a more crisp sound and response across the drums


    • Diameter : .690" | 1.75cm
    • Length : 16.75" | 42.55cm
    • Taper  : Medium




    • Series : Corpsmaster® Tenor
    • Surface Coating : Lacquer


    • Material : Hickory
    • Tip Shape : Oval

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