Vic Firth Signature Series Ahmir "Questlove" Thompson Natural



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With supreme versatility, ?uestlove is in demand as a DJ, music journalist and record producer. He is best known, however, as the drummer for the Grammy Award winning band, The Roots, which is now the in-house band for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. With a very distinct style and sense of groove, ?uestlove is certainly one of the most soulful drummers on the planet!

With 17” of length and an extended taper, ?uestlove’s new stick can really crack! One of the longest and thinnest sticks Vic offers, the wildly unique Questlove Signature Stick is now optionally available without VicGrip or paint.

    • The uniquely designed Questlove stick but in a clear, natural finish
    • Long, thin design with an extended taper make for effortless playing
    • Crafted from premium USA Hickory


    • Diameter : .520" | 1.32cm
    • Length : 17" | 43.18cm
    • Taper  : Long


    • Series : Signature Series
    • Surface Coating : Lacquer


    • Material : Hickory
    • Tip Shape : Tear Drop

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