Vic Firth Signature Series Buddy Rich Nylon Sticks

A modified 5A with a larger tip, neck and shoulder. Quite possibly the most recognized jazz drummer of all time, Buddy Rich fundamentally changed the role of the drummer. His inimitable style pushed him to center stage, and in so doing, created generations of aspiring young drummers! Artist collaborations have long been a point of pride for Vic Firth Company. Conceived with the utmost respect for artistry and musicality, sticks in the Vic Firth Signature Series celebrate the musicians –past and present –who shape the drumming world today.
    • Diam. - .590"
    • Length - 16 5/16"
    • Taper - Long
    • Tip - Blended
    • Finish - Paint


    • Diameter : .590" | 1.5cm
    • Length : 16.31" | 41.44cm
    • Taper  : Long


    • Series : Signature Series
    • Surface Coating : Paint


    • Material : Hickory
    • Tip Shape : Blended
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